VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner

Are you looking for the ultimate portable scanner? If you want to be able to scan in color or monochrome, pictures or documents, then you are going to love the VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner. It has an A4 color contact image sensor with a resolution of 300×300 DPI for standard formats, and a high resolution of 600×600 DPI.

Your files will be stored in JPEG format so you won’t need to worry about using up a lot of storage space. Definitely, VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner is the best one to have around if you want to scan on the go!


  • Scanner for color & monochromatic images, documents, magazines
  • Sensor: A4 Color Contact image sensor
  • Resolution: Standard Resolution: 300x300dpi (default); High Resolution: 600x600dpi
  • File Format: JPEG
  • Requires Micro SD card up to 32GB


Ever needed to put the majority of your photos on your PC, however, didn’t have the time or energy to stay there and scan them all for hours on end? Have you ever considered getting one of those full-size scanners, however, you don’t have any room in your office to store it? If this is the case, the VuPoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner is perfect for you.

This compact scanner permits you to scan the documents that matter the most to you, and back them up on your PC. Do you have documents that you’ve had for some time and are worried about the possibility that they’re going to tear or even get lost one day? Well, now you can scan them and back them up.

Just like most wand scanners, this unit keeps scans in its memory, so you needn’t bother with a PC. To move the files to your PC later, you would use the provided USB link, wait for the PC to pick up the microSD or microSDHC card in the scanner, and after that duplicate the files.

As indicated by VuPoint Solutions, you can utilize cards with up to a 32GB limit. Unlike most of its opposition, this scanner doesn’t come with built-in memory. Be that as it may, it costs less than its competition, so you can just purchase a memory card with the funds you’ve saved and still have cash left over.

It effortlessly scans without requiring a PC. You will have the ability to set the resolution at up to 900 pixels per inch, in addition to setting the file format to JPG or PDF. This is something to remember on the off chance that you anticipate scanning numerous pages.

If you scan a vast document and attempt to OCR everything too quickly, you may get poor results (for instance if you’ve scanned 2 or 3 sections and attempt to OCR them as one, the scanner will attempt to make it a consecutive document.)


The most serious issue we had when scanning certain books was trying to get all of the information on a page when the page numbers were at the very edge of the page. The reason that it was hard to get the page numbers included in the scan is that the scan really happens just when the little rollers on the base of the wand are in movement.

When page numbers are at the very edge of the page, the roller wheels move off the page to begin with, and the scanning stops before it can read the page numbers.


This release by VuPoint Solutions gets four stars out of five from us. You are not going to be disappointed with the number of features that it packs in for a very affordable price. Scan on the go without having to worry how your files come out. Thanks to this wonderful unit and you are not going to have to be taking pictures with your phone to print them out later ever again.

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