Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Color LCD

Portable scanners are generally battery operated and far lighter compared to conventional scanners, which makes them more attractive than their traditional counterparts. In that regard, the Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner is one scanner you should keep an eye out for. It is a battery-operated scanner that does not weigh much and scans pages using its wand. It also has an LCD display where you can see the results of your scans. The quality of its pictures is very high, and its auto-feed feature is useful for those of us who want to save time. On the whole, this scanner is a great buy.


  • This scanner can easily scan single-page documents, photos and receipts.
  • It makes the process of organizing simple – it scans, organizes and stores the file.
  • You can preview scans using the LCD panel.
  • Size of LCD panel – 1.5 inches
  • Battery type – Lithium polymer
  • Storage specifications – Up to 32 GB micro SD card or micro SDHC
  • Dimensions – 3.2 inches x 13.2 inches x 2.1 inches
  • Weight – 1.4 pounds
  • Platform compatibility – Windows
  • You can connect it to your computer via USB
  • Wand’s scanning resolution – 300 dpi, 600 dpi, 900 dpi or 1200 dpi
  • It comes with a power saving feature i.e. it shuts down after being idle for 3 minutes
  • Docking station feature enables the scanner’s auto feed feature to come into play
  • Docking station can also be used as charger


The main selling point of this scanner is, without a doubt, its portability. The small size and light weight combine to make for a very handy device. People have reported taking this scanner to their workplaces where they can scan all the documents they want without having to find a scanner nearby. There have also been praises of this scanner’s exceptional battery life. According to the customers, the battery life of this scanner is enough to last them while they work and the fact that it comes with an AC adapter, which means that it can easily be recharged, is a major plus point in its favor.

Another main benefit of this scanner is that it serves as a storage space for your scans. This means that you do not have to worry about connecting it to a computer before you start scanning or else it would have voided the whole point of having a portable scanner in the first place. You can scan all you want and then transfer the files later when you have a computer available to transfer them to.

In addition to all of that, the scan quality of this scanner is no joke. The scans are clear and distinct, especially because you can adjust your scan quality as per your requirements. The auto feed function is also very useful since it saves you the effort of plugging in pages one by one manually. It saves time and effort and, therefore, the auto-feed function is one of this scanner’s useful features.


There are a number of problems with this scanner that need to be kept in mind before you purchase it. The first thing you need to remember is something that is common to all scanners – if you leave it unused for a long time and then start using it one day, the chances are that the scanner will not work. When the dust gathers in some parts of machines, they stop functioning and break down. That is the case with this scanner too, so we advise that you do not leave it unused for a long time.

There are also issues with the SD cards used to store the images of the scans in this device. They may not show the files being stored and sometimes, the files may get wiped off the memory card for no reason whatsoever. This could, however, have more to do with the SD card than the scanner. Before you start scanning, you should mount the SD card and scan a few pages just to be sure. Taking precautions is always a good idea, especially when you do not want to waste too much time in the future trying to fix these messes.



The Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner is a device you need to get your hands on if you are on the lookout for a scanner of high quality. Not only is the scan quality above average in comparison to that of other scanners in the market, but it also comes with a battery that lasts a long time after it has been charged, making your task of scanning far easier than ever before.

It’s not just the long battery life – in the case that the battery runs out, you will still have a number of simple but viable options to charge your battery. You can either use the AC adapter to charge your scanner or simply make use of the docking station which also serves as a charging port. Storage has also been made exceptionally easier with this scanner’s very own storage system and USB connectivity, which makes transferring files a task that is not difficult to achieve at all, even if you are a rookie. All in all, this scanner definitely makes it to the list of top scanners despite a few of its shortcomings.

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