MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner

MSRM iScan Wand Portable Document & Image Scanner

The MSRM iScan Wand Portable Scanner is the perfect tool for people on the go who may need to scan a wide range of documents and images, of all shapes and sizes, wherever they are. With its reasonable price, this ought to be useful for students and other individuals in the academic world to help them scan notes, writing, and other documents.

It ought to likewise be useful for entrepreneurs who may need to scan cv’s, workers’ documents, and documents from service providers and customers. Essentially any individual who may need to scan something once in a while can benefit from the flexibility and value of the iScan Wand.


  • Scan receipts, business cards, documents, and handwritten notes and share your scans and information via searchable PDF files or JPEG
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly – gives you the portability you need to capture data while on the road
  • Resolution- Standard Resolution: 300x300dpi (default); Medium Resolution: 600x600dpi; High Resolution: 900x900dpi;
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) – 10.86″ x 1.97″ x 1.45″ (excluding protrusion), Weight 0.6 lb.
  • Windows and Mac compatible and requires Micro SD card up to 32GB. It comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software so you can convert and edit your scans.


Versatility is one of the best qualities of the iScan Wand. It is sufficiently light at 11 ounces to be held in one hand for scanning purposes. Its lightness ought to be great for students who usually have to already carry a lot of books and other electronic gadgets like laptops and tablets which weigh down their rucksacks. Because the frame is thin and light, it will easily fit into a side or front pocket of a backpack.

About the length of a ruler, it could even fit into the back pocket of your favorite jeans, although I don’t recommend that you carry it this way! The fact of the matter is that it’s highly portable.

The 3 dpi settings of the iScan are additionally remarkable. If you need to scan a few pages of documents or even a whole section of a book, setting it to 300 dpi ought to permit you to store these easily into its SD card.

For bigger image files, you could utilize a 32 GB storage device. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who may need to scan handouts and flyers essential for marketing their business. Moreover, documents that are critical for administrative purposes can be effectively scanned and put away for later use.

With its own particular innovative programming, the Optical Character Recognition arrangement that is accessible on both PCs and Macs, the iScan permits clients to take full control of scanned images without any difficulty. The OCR programming permits clients to alter scanned documents and images so that these can better suit their needs.

Students, for example, can embed images into scanned documents. They can likewise make a few changes or updates on scanned images. Entrepreneurs and business people can easily make adjustments and explanations on whatever it is that they scanned in a way that will best serve them.


Regarding power for the iScan Wand, some handhelds can be controlled by current originating from the PC or tablet by means of the USB interface. Sadly, you can’t utilize iScan Wand in the event that it is associated with the USB port.

The main motivation behind why there is a USB interface is to encourage the exchange of scanned images and documents from the iScan Wand to your tablet or PC particularly in the event that you don’t have a card per user on your PC.


Although reasonably priced, you can expect a lot from the iScan Wand. It is one of the best portable document and image scanners available on the market right now, and we are giving it four and a half stars out of five. It is definitely worth the money you’ll pay for it and you are not going to be disappointed with the number of functionalities it provides.

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