Handy Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Handy Portable Document and Photo Scanner

Are you looking for a powerful yet portable document and photo scanner? The SkyPix TSN410 is going to be perfect for your projects. There are a lot of color selections that you can scan with and the DPI scan selection has several different settings, so you’ll be able to scan a wide variety of documents without any issues.

If you are someone who likes to scan on the go, SkyPix TSN410 is the ultimate piece of equipment that you have been missing out on. Get it now!


  • Color JPG/PDF scan selection
  • 900/600/300 dpi scan selection
  • Directly save JPG/PDF files to the micro SD card
  • Support the micro SD card up to 32GB


The largest size document that can be scanned is A4. You can choose either JPEG or PDF format, both of which give great results. There are two resolution settings: 300dpi and 900dpi. It is so easy to utilize, just first set the format and resolution you need, press begin, then at a consistent even pace run the scanner over what you might want to scan.

The scanner will then save it as either a JPEG or a PDF file depending on what you set. You can then put the SD card into your PC and view your new files. For best results, it is best to use a level surface and not go too quickly. The screen fits everything on that you have to see and keeps count of the number of documents you have scanned.

We found the setup effortless. The device feels reasonably solid in the hand. We began scanning somewhat warily to begin with and found that the scanning light went off pretty much straight away. However, once we speeded up a little it worked perfectly. It’s great for scanning magazine pages, photographs and so forth.

As long as you can keep contact with whatever’s being scanned, and keep it moving straight, you shouldn’t have any problems. Do not expect to get a perfect scan like you would on a level bed, yet for something as versatile as this it’s worth a little less resolution. You can simply sit at the table and scan a normal sized magazine page in around 3 seconds, and the device is then ready for the following page straight away.

File size depends on what is being scanned, however, a full shading magazine page on the most reduced 300 x 300 setting took up a little more than 700 kb as a JPEG.

Text is scanned into pdf format.

Following a few weeks of use, we would say that if you’re someone with restricted work space and need a scanner, then you should definitely get one of these. Since they are scanned physically, pictures may require a little practice, however documents are very straightforward to scan into pdf format and need no expertise at all.

It can be a little tricky at first to get the scan speed right, but after a few pages you’ll soon find the correct speed. If scanning a large picture that needs several swipes, it helps to use a ruler to keep everything straight.


If you’re scanning the top edge of documents, or going over raised areas such as staples, the rollers may get caught and stop the scan. We suggest getting a sheet of clear film that’s larger than your document, or a side opening document wallet, in order to minimize these issues.


The SkyPix TSN410 is one of the products that you simply have to try in order to fully appreciate. We are giving it four stars out of five considering the number of features that it packs in while still maintaining a relatively low price. This $45.00 powerhouse of a scanner is going to make life much easier for you.

After all, who wants to rip pages out of a book just to scan them? There are some issues that you might encounter at first, but everything can be worked around with enough patience and practice. Worth the price being asked- you certainly won’t be disappointed.

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